Month: July 2016

Well … I Done Went And Done It

Yep, I did somethin’ I said I would never do. Back a few years ago, somewhere around 11 or so, my first born discovered a game called World of Warcraft. To say he was addicted to it is a huge understatement, it

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30’s Love Room 8

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about that title. For a couple of years, it was my life. Back in 2002, not long after Jennifer passed away, I discovered Yahoo! Chat and it quickly became an addiction. 30’s

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She Was … Everything

At the ripe ‘ole age of 23, I met this wildcat. Redheaded with a temper to match. She always knew what she wanted, and she almost always got it, and that included me. I was your typical roundabout, girl crazy

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The Invisible Me

When you look at me, you are only seein’ a part of me. When you see me smile, you are seein’ a lie. When you watch as I sit quietly, you are seein’ pain and uncontrolled emotions. You see, but you

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The War Within

Though the endless night he walks this path.He looks ahead and sees nothing but raging storm clouds on the horizon, to his sides, nothing but pain. He stops and looks behind him and though he tries, he can see nothing

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Chapter 1 – Part 2

OK, now that you have your WordPress all set up on your host and are ready to go, I’m gonna start at the very beginning. Changing You Blog Settings The very first thing you should do after installing WordPress is

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Chapter 1

Introduction Welcome to my WordPress Tutorials. This is a “Follow Along” series of tutorials on building a WordPress site/blog from the ground up. I will show you how I do things as I create a Personal Portal. Knowing how to

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Buildin’ Me A Portal

I’m havin’ so much fun right now! I building me a web portal and I’ll set it as my homepage when I get it done. I figgered I’d take a little break and jump over here to post about it.

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Hillbilly Computer Terms

Here’s y’all a short but sweet post. A few terms us hillbillys use fer these dern computer gadgets. (Not really, but it fits.) LOG ON: Making a wood stove hotter. LOG OFF: Don’t add no more wood. MONITOR: Keeping an

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A Modern Day Hillbilly?

Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, I just know y’all have missed my inimitable wit and charm. Some real life actually happened over the last few days, well, since last Wednesday anyway. Funny thing that …

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