Month: September 2016

That Should Be Me

  That should be me standing beside you in a picture, That should be me holding your hand, That should be me laying beside you in the bed, That should be me drawing our names in the sand. That should be

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This post is in response to today’s Daily Post Prompt. When I saw the subject of the prompt, my emotions rolled like thunder rolling through a long valley. Since January 2015, I have lost six people from my life to the

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How Milwaukee’s Best Became Milwaukee’s Beast

If you know anything about beer, then you’ve probably already discerned the gist of this post, but read on, it get’s, um, interesting. Let me start at the beginnin’ of the particular day the details of this post surround. It started

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Throwin’ Down Some Hillbilly Common Sense

I’m not sure what kinda feedback I’m gonna get from this post, but I’ve been thinkin’ about this for a long time. I even posted something similar way back when, but this is different. Without gettin’ into a lot of

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Way back in the stone ages of my youth, there were a handful of things I absolutely despised doing, plantin’ and diggin’ taters were two of ’em. Ya see, we always had a garden. Now I’m not talkin’ about some

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