A Modern Day Hillbilly?


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Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, I just know y’all have missed my inimitable wit and charm. Some real life actually happened over the last few days, well, since last Wednesday anyway. Funny thing that … Real life, it hasn’t happened too much for me recently but damn if it don’t feel good!

Anyway, I was in town yesterday doin’ some stuff that needed to get done and stoppin’ at Roses, a department store we have in town, was one of ’em. As I was walkin’ back to the car I was thinkin’ about all the very recent happenin’s, the things that I’ve bought that I’ve been wantin’ and needin’, and in some cases, not needin’.

As I sat in the car for a minute or so and mulled it over, I came to the conclusion that I am actually a Modern Day Hillbilly. Now I know that that sounds like a contradiction in terms, just bear with me a second and I’ll educate ya.

Bein’ the person that I am and livin’ by the standards of my raisin’, observin’ the old traditions and ways of my culture, I am still a hillbilly, or some may refer to me as a redneck, which is just fine with me. Although there are several theories as to the origin of the term, I prefer this one:
West Virginia miners strikes of the 1920s. Facing a mercenary militia hired by millionaire coal barons, the miners took pains to become organized, adopting a uniform that featured a red bandanna worn around the neck. The miners nicknamed themselves “rednecks” as a point of solidarity. If yer interested in some others, you can go here.

Back to my story. I won’t bore y’all with the nitty-gritty of said items, let’s just say most of them are of the electronic variety, of which I am obsessed with. I figgered that with my current lifestyle bein’ what it is and all, I qualify as a Modern Day Hillbilly.

Now, if yer wonderin’ about said lifestyle and you haven’t read any of my other posts, let me bring ya up to speed. I stay with and care for my elderly momma who has Vascular Dementia. I don’t get much opportunity to get out and about because she has to have 24 hour care and she can’t be left alone. It’s a little bit better now that I have finally been able to get a car and when mommas aide comes in I have some time to go and do things, but until she gets here and after she leaves, it all me.

I also have a 6 year old stump-jumper that I refer to as lilman, I get him every other week seein’ as how me and his momma are divorced and when I have him it’s katie-bar-the-door most of the time. He’s flat out wide open from the time his feet hit the floor in the mornin’s ’till he crawls back in bed at night. So between him and momma I’ve got my hands full and really don’t have no time for much of anything else.

Ok, now that yer on the same page as me, I’ll continue.

I already explained why I consider myself a hillbilly, the Modern Day part comes in because of all the electronic gizmos I have, and/or want. A short inventory would go like this, I have a computer, a laptop, a smart phone, will soon have an iPad, a gaming system, (that’s mainly for lilman), satellite radio for the car and a backup camera that I have to install. I can’t think of anything else right now, but there’s more.

Now I didn’t get all that stuff recently, I’ve been addin’ to it over the years.

I’m purty sure that puts me firmly in the Modern Day category. Now I’m not a bit ashamed of that fact neither, ’cause I’m still the same ‘ole boy from the hills that I’ve always been, I’m just better connected to the outside world in general.

I’m damn proud of who I am and where I come from, my heritage runs strong through these veins of mine and the call of the mountains to my soul could never be silenced, and none of my stuff interferes with that, so yes, I do believe that I am truly a Modern Day Hillbilly.

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4 comments on “A Modern Day Hillbilly?
  1. Thank goodness you are modern day otherwise we wouldn’t get to read your great stories!

  2. Yes I do miss your inimitable wit and style….that and the fact that your picture reminds me of my godson so I feel sort ‘o close to him when I read you. He is witty and sensitive too. So keep up the good work. ~~dru~~

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