Arguments! Everything Is An Argument!

w583h583_14860-how-to-write-an-argument-essayWhy? Why MUST people insist on arguing with every single word I say? And by people, I mean my mom and 6-year-old son.

I know what you’re gonna say, especially if you know my situation. Mom has Dementia and my son IS only 6 years old, that’s what they do. That’s totally not the point here. The point is … I’m sick of being argued with.

In fact, I’m sick of a whole lotta things, but the arguments and “back-talk”, the constant contradictions are taking their toll on me. To see life in their eyes, I’m an idiot and don’t know anything. I’m just stupid. Whatever I say, even if it’s an answer to a question that THEY ask ME, I still get argued with. “What color is that?” “It’s Black.” “No it ain’t, it’s White.”

I completely understand that my momma can’t help it. I understand that she doesn’t understand what she’s seein’, doin’ or sayin’ most of the time. I understand that she sees things that aren’t there. I understand that when she has a dream, it’s real to her.

It has gotten to the point that nothing I say or do consoles or satisfies her. I tell her she’s arguing with me and she argues that she’s not arguing. In turn, I start gettin’ upset and much more nervous and very soon I’m to the point that I can take no more and my perception of the world changes drastically.

My 6-year-old is another story altogether. Don’t go and get me wrong here, I love my boys with everything in me and I know that boys are gonna be boys. I used to be one. It’s true, I remember it.

I’m sure that most all parents that are reading this will know exactly what I’m talking about here. When a 50-year-old man tells a 6-year-old boy to do something, or to STOP doin’ something then the 6-year-old should, by all rights and means, do it or stop doin’ it, considerin’ the situation at hand.

Nope, not MY boy, oh no. All I get is a constant argument, and the sad part is, once I get it through to his still developing brain, he will STILL argue with me, just using different words, as if by stating something in a different way, it completely changes the context of the argument.

By the time that I’m about to lose my mind, usually momma will ask me something and then I’ve got TWO arguments goin’ at the same time.

This morning was awful. I seriously wanted mom’s aide to get here. I was going to leave for a while, just get my nerves settled, take a little bit of me time, you know, to just calm down, get everything back into perspective.

She quit this morning. Mom’s aide. She quit. Out of the blue. No reason, no advanced warning, no nothing. Just a text sayin’ how she hated to do it but she wasn’t going to be able to work anymore and she was, get this, sorry.

That apology did me a hell of a lot of good. Yes sir, that I’m sorry just lifted my spirits right on up and the world was all rosy again. It was such a fantastic apology that I forgot all of my worries and made the fact that I now had NO help what-so-ever just disappear.

You know what REALLY takes the cake? I have found myself arguing with MYSELF lately. Over stupid stuff too. “Should I eat now?” “No, you’re not hungry right now.” “But I feel hungry.” “That’s just your imagination, you’re not hungry yet.” “Wait, you ARE my imagination.” ” That’s beside the point, you’re still not hungry.”

My life has somehow, and without my permission, I might add, turned into one gigantic, never-ending argument.

Did you know that if you type the word argument enough times it starts looking funny?

So that’s about it. I’ve got an argument about to start so I better stop typin’ and pay close attention so I can get through this one with a smidgen of sanity left.

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8 comments on “Arguments! Everything Is An Argument!
  1. Ooooo HillBilly I can Sooooo relate. However it is “HE” who will not obey that always argues with me, not two people with valid excuses.

    He asks me a question and I give him the answer if I know it. If I don’t know the answer but have an idea; I say that…”I dunno but maybe is’s because…”

    If I don’t know and haven’t got a clue; I say that….I really don’t know, good question, look it up.

    But ALWAYS, always, always, when I give and answer “HE” responds with, “no it probably isn’t that maybe its…….

    For pete’s sake; why ask me if you think you KNOW the answer. When I say maybe it’s because the his answer could by or maybe it’s because and he can give his thoughts but stop with the questions already.

    Now my rant is over. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself. Please don’t respond if you disagree or think it is my fault. I’ll think you’re arguing with me.

    tee hee hee ~~dru~~

  2. rixlibris says:

    Why is it that some folks (you know who you are) will argue against a statement that is clearly prefaced with “in my opinion?” It’s as if the Celestial Opinion Arbiter has decreed that the current opinion has no valid basis and therefore should never be expressed by anyone possessing a rational mind.

  3. I have four little boys, so yes, I know arguing. Drives me crazy too. Daniel (kindergarten) decided to argue with his teacher yesterday. Big mistake b/c she runs the car line, and I got to hear all about it. That boy got him a good ol’ fashioned whoopin’. Not from me. He’d just laugh at me. From Daddy. Really hoping he keeps his sass to himself to day at school. I hope you find a new aide soon to help with your mom. That’s a big deal. You’ll really be going batty.

    • Hillbilly says:

      Not a thing in the world wrong with a good butt whoopin’. Thanks, I hope I do too, so far though I haven’t had much luck.

  4. Ha! I so understand this, the last 6 weeks in our house have been the same, between the arguments, the meltdowns and the use of her new favourite word, which might I add is ‘No’! it’s been a hell of a few weeks.
    Out of sheer desperation my Dad rang her Dr on Friday past and she organised 2 weeks of respite for us. You have no idea of the difference, that said, I am dreading when she returns!

    • Hillbilly says:

      I’m glad you finally got some rest and was able to clear your mind a little and I can understand the dread.

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