Busy Busy Busy

Whew! I’ve been a busy Hillbilly today. I started off the day beginnin’ the redesign of The Hillbilly Blogger. I had to stop partway through to take momma to her doctor appointment, run to the store, the pharmacy and finally to get somethin’ to eat from an (almost) famous restaurant around these parts. It’s called Ma & PA’s, no, really, that’s the name of it.


Ma and Pas

After I got done eatin’ I jumped right back into the redesign, and I’ve pretty well got it the way I want it fer now. I changed themes about 5 times until I found one I liked and would work the way I want it to.

Now it’s about bedtime for this ‘ole hillbilly. I’m tuckered plum out and my ‘ole back is givin’ me fits today. It usually does when I have to drive much and ‘specially if I just walk into the grocery store. I don’t know what it is about that place, but my back hates it with a passion.

I’m not real sure what Imma get into tomorrow, but I’m sure it ain’t gonna be much. Lilman is supposed to go to his other Nana’s in the mornin’, which leaves just me and momma here. It’s ‘spose to be another scorcher tomorrow, with the high around 90 degree or so.

Poor lil ‘ole momma’s skin and blood is so thin I can’t turn the ‘dish (air conditioner fer you Northern folk) on, she freezes before it even gets to the selected temperature. Love her heart, we basically gotta just run fans. If it gets too bad, I will turn the ‘dish on for a little while, at least ’til she starts huntin’ fer a blanket or somethin’ to cover her legs and feet with.

Well, that’s it fer me tonight. Imma go stand on the porch a few minutes, breathe in some of that cool mountain air and listen to the frogs and crickets and watch the lightin’ bugs.

Y’all have a good night!

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