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Arguments! Everything Is An Argument!

Why? Why MUST people insist on arguing with every single word I say? And by people, I mean my mom and 6-year-old son. I know what you’re gonna say, especially if you know my situation. Mom has Dementia and my

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Vascular Dementia – What Is It And Why Did It Happen?

I guess the best place to really start this journey is at the beginning, when I found out that mom had Vascular Dementia and the explanation the Neurologist gave me of the “disease” and, in moms case, what caused it.

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And Then There Was One

I have been puttin’ this post off for quite some time now. I wanted to write it sooner, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put into words what I was/am feelin’. I think I’m ready now. Forgive me in

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Full But Empty Too

This here post is a little bit different than my regular posts. It concerns a subject I have written about before, extensively on another blog I have, but a couple of times here. As most of y’all that have been

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