Dream Walking

dream-ipad-4-wallpaper-ilikewallpaper_comMost everybody has dreams, sometimes very realistic dreams. The difference between most people and mom is that, to her, the dream IS real.

Her mind can’t differentiate between the dream and reality. I call this Dream Walking, because even though she seems awake, she’s not. She is actually living what she is dreaming and in turn gets very upset when I try to tell her it’s just a dream and I try to get her back in her bed.

Usually, I will try to go along with her, acting as if what’s happening is real, but there are times that she demands the impossible. For instance, several times she has dreamed about going home and in her dream she is on a boat. Mom has never been on a boat to my knowledge.

She is so insistent that we make the boat stop and get off that she will get extremely upset and on a couple of occasions has even gotten physically hostile with me.

Fortunately, though, those occasions are rare and it’s not very difficult to get her back to bed. Other times we will be up for the rest of the night and until she goes back to sleep she will continue to live her dream. Needless to say, those are some very long nights.


  1. Gail

    Awe that’s so sad I hate dementia but at least she’s in a happy place😊

    1. Tim (Post author)

      She is. Sometimes she don’t believe she is though.


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