Radical Terrorists And The USA – What Some People Don’t Understand


636013128312060218-EPA-EPASELECT-USA-ORLANDO-SHOOTING-82559540It’s been all over the news, everybody’s been talking about it, everyone has an opinion on it. I’m referring to the Mass Shooting at The Pulse Club in Orlando, FL last week.

It didn’t take long for the Left to start shouting Gun Control again. Our President, and I use that term loosely for Obama, did what he does best, he got in front of the camera and blamed everything and everybody but the bastard that committed this horrendous act of terrorism.

Him and his party are chomping at the bit to ban guns and basically demolish the Second Amendment. They believe a gunless society is a safer society, but for some reason, they can’t comprehend that only the law abiding citizens will be gunless. Terrorists, gang members, crooks, they will all have guns and everybody else will be at their mercy.

ISIS and other terrorist groups want us to be afraid, they want us to hole up in our houses in fear of going anywhere that’s crowded. They want us to look at every public gathering place as a possible target for one of their suicide bombers, or fanatics. They believe that if they filter their thugs in through our borderless borders, recruit and radicalize people, especially the young and impressionable, that we won’t feel safe and in turn we would fear going anywhere or doing anything.

Well, I have news for them and Obama and his cronies, that ain’t gonna happen! Why?

Because we will defend ourselves. We will not cower down to some Middle Eastern Radical Islamist Terror group. We will not quietly give up our Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We will protect our way of life, our Liberty and our Freedoms against any who dare threaten to take them away.

That is what Terror Groups don’t understand. Something ISIS and their ilk need to understand is law abiding, armed United States Citizens will not hesitate to send them on their way to meet their Allah and get their 70 virgins or whatever it is.

This is the United States of America, the strongest country on this planet and it’s filled with patriotic people that will defend it to the death if need be. We are relentless and we are thorough in our pursuit of Justice.

Or at least we will be again when Obama is out of office and that crook Hillary doesn’t get elected. If that happens, then it will be up to us, the citizens of the USA, to protect and defend ourselves against what will surely be an exodus of people that want nothing more than to see us destroyed.

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