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I was goin’ through my email folders lookin’ for some information I need, and I ran across this email that I sent to a very special someone.

Every word of this is true, it actually happened and I wanted to “memorialize” it, not only in my mind but in writin’ as well. I wrote in back in December of 2013.

I hope ya like it. It’s definitely a lot different than anything you’ve seen me write before. Let me know what ya think in the comments.

OK, here goes:

…….. they sat alone, for the first time in years, he was alone with her. What to say? What to do? He looked to his left at her and suddenly their eyes met and he was lost in the soft, deep warmth he saw there. His heart beat a little faster as he gazed deep into those pools of once known love and need. He traced her face with his eyes, touched her cheek with his gaze. When he looked at her lips he suddenly knew what he had to do. Deep from within him he knew he had to kiss her, he had to feel her lips against his, if only for one more time. He hesitated, not knowing if he should say anything, wondering if it would be too much. Would she want to kiss him as badly as he wanted to kiss her, did she still feel that primitive need as deeply as he did? It had been years after all and what if she said no? He decided he had to take the chance.

“I want to kiss you” he said softly, still looking into her eyes to try and determine what emotion might be shown there. Quietly she replied, “I want to kiss you too, just for closure if nothing else”. He thought about that statement for a brief second, wondering if it really would be for closure, for a good bye kiss. He hesitated no longer. He leaned over, cupped her face in his hand and magically their lips touched, softly at first, as if scared to go further. Then suddenly from somewhere deep within him the old feelings rushed to the fore, overtaking every other single emotion and thought that had been there. Suddenly there was nothing and no one but them, their souls once more intertwined through the contact of their lips. He knew he didn’t want to release her, he didn’t want the kiss to end. He wanted more, much more but he didn’t dare. He didn’t dare let his hands move to the places on her body that he knew they belonged, for now she belonged to another, her body was no longer his to do with as he pleased, her heart no longer in his hands.

Reluctantly he broke the kiss, his heart tearing away once again as if the contact were his life line to this world. His surroundings came back to him and he once again looked into her eyes, heard her breathing, felt her heart even though they were no longer touching. “That was definitely not a closure kiss” he said. He knew for sure in that moment that what he had suspected was indeed true. His love for her would never fade, in his heart she would always be his, no matter who else was in their lives. No one would ever be able to sooth him the way she did and he was not going to fight it, he gave into the inevitable at that moment. He said nothing else, just held her hand and wished that someone would invent a time machine to take him back, but he knew that would never happen. He had to live with decisions made, actions taken.

One thing was for sure, his heart would always be hers, nothing else would do and he would have to live with the fact that she indeed did belong to another. He removed his hand from hers, knowing full well that it could be for the last time, wishing he was the other man in her life. Wishing he could have her for himself, forever ………

And for the record, I still feel this way about the special someone I wrote it for and sent it to.

Thanks for readin’!


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11 comments on “Something Different From The Hillbilly
  1. It is different….but different is good 🙂

  2. shelie27 says:

    Do you have the back-story? I loved this!

  3. tartanrose88 says:

    Aww, ain’t you sweet? 🙂 Thanks for sharing something so close to your heart. TartanRose.

  4. Hillbilly says:

    Thank you!

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