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The ’53 International

Back in the day, when my imagination was geared more toward the innocence of a child and the wonderment of all things new, one of my most favorite past times was driving for miles and miles in my grandpa’s 1953

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Meet Me At The Tipple

As I’ve mentioned several times in this blog, I grew up and live in an old mining town, and by old I mean when the mines first started up they were dug out by men and the coal was hauled

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Way back in the stone ages of my youth, there were a handful of things I absolutely despised doing, plantin’ and diggin’ taters were two of ’em. Ya see, we always had a garden. Now I’m not talkin’ about some

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She Was … Everything

At the ripe ‘ole age of 23, I met this wildcat. Redheaded with a temper to match. She always knew what she wanted, and she almost always got it, and that included me. I was your typical roundabout, girl crazy

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