Welcome to The Hillbilly Blogger 2.0.

I figgered the blog was startin’ to get a bit stale as far as looks go, so I decided to just go ahead and redesign the whole dern thing. Sorta’.

See, what I went and done was tidy up the old THB with the new header and such, changed a couple things around, and then ….

I went and made a self-hostin’ blog that is combined with the old THB. Now now, I know what you’re thinkin, but it isn’t gonna be that bad, I promise. You will still have and be able to follow the old THB and all my posts will still show up in your reader (in a way).

By “in a way” I mean that I will be postin’ on the redesigned THB 2.0 and puttin’ an excerpt in a post on the old THB, so basically, when you click on “Continue Readin'” you will finish readin’ the post on the newly redesigned THB 2.0.

You will have a choice to follow 2.0 or not, it’s totally up to you because the core blog will be right where it is now, on WordPress.com which means you can either like and comment on the old THB or on 2.0. Nothing is really gonna change for you, except havin’ to click on “Continue Readin'”.

Now, why go to all that trouble Hillbilly? Well, it’s no trouble really and it gives me a lot more flexibility and choices for my blog. I’ve finally started learnin’ how to get more followers and there are some things I wanna do that I just can’t do on the .com site. I also don’t like what WordPress has done as far as clickin’ on a post.

Used to, when you clicked on a post title, it would take you straight to that post where you could read, like and comment. Now, if there isn’t a direct link to the post it takes you to some “middleman” page, where you can just read. If you wanna do anything else, ya have to click on the post title again to get to the “real” post, which I think is totally stoopid.

Anyway, I hope you like the new 2.0 and the new things Imma be doin’ as time goes on. Leave me a comment and let me know what’cha think. and as always …

Thanks for readin’


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