Yeah … So This Happened Today

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it here before or not, but I have been vehicle-less for the past two years. The truck I was drivin’ broke down and due to several circumstances I wasn’t able to get it fixed.

Over these last two years I have had to borrow someones car, usually my brothers, but when he passed away last month that put an end to that. I then had to ask others. Luckily for me I didn’t have to cancel but one appointment due to lack of a ride.

Now, if you have figgered anything out about me, you can tell I have a lot of pride and I hate to ask for help. I know that there are times everybody will need help at one time or another but that doesn’t make it any easier for me. I would rather be the one helpin’ instead of bein’ helped.

Over the last month a few things happened, and without goin’ into too much detail, I was able to buy a car. Technically I bought it yesterday and went and picked it up today.

CaddyAnd here she is … A 2002 Cadillac Deville. It’s the first time I’ve ever owned a high end car before and I didn’t have to sell my young’un to get it.

I actually got a really great deal, one that was literally too good to pass up. I’m just keepin’ my fingers crossed that it wasn’t actually too good to be true.

On the way to get it today, my buddy, he’s actually more like my brother, said, “Tim, you just don’t look like a Cadillac Man.” That struck me as kinda funny. I suppose I do look more like a “Truck Man,” and I would’a got my truck fixed, but it’s just so hard on my back to drive a straight shift now.

Anyhow, I’m in love with it right now, and will stay that way unless it starts messin’ up, then I won’t be too happy with it.

There’s so many buttons in this thing it almost looks like a plane cockpit and it drives lilman crazy ’cause I won’t let him push any of ’em. Hell, I ain’t figgered out half of ’em yet but I’m readin’ up on it, luckily the operators manual came with it, which is unusual with a used car.

It feels a little weird, but in a good way, to have my own transportation again, not to have to depend on someone’s good graces and hope they don’t need their vehicle the same time I do.

I am eternally grateful to everyone that helped me out over the last couple of years, without them I would’a been in a heap of trouble.

Now all I have to do is stop starin’ out the door at it!

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9 comments on “Yeah … So This Happened Today
  1. garym6059 says:

    Caddy, Ford Edsel, Chevy Vega, who cares it starts and gets you from point A to point B! I had a Cadillac Cimmaron once (Chevy Cavalier in disguise) and drove that thing like I stole it until one of the heads cracked!

  2. Yup H.Billy in your picture you do look more like a “truck” man. Just remember what an old fisherman use to tell a friend of mine when he was a kid who wanted to use his mother’s Caddy to move things…..”You CAN haul manure in a Cadillac but that don’t make it right!” ~~dru~~

  3. Yes, I think of you as a pick up man. ( So to speak), 😎 But, obviously the universe provided you with something you really need right now, so revel and enjoy! You deserve it!

    Kind regards and happy thoughts – K

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